Earnings Management Research Paper

When you are pressed for time, you will be tempted to present a sample of earnings management research paper, modify some sections of the sample and then present it as your own research paper. You may also be tempted to copy from your colleague. This is an academic crime that attracts punitive measures against any students who commits acts of plagiarism. You better request for writing help from experts at accountingessayshelp.com to present accounting research free of plagiarism than plagiarize.

Forms of plagiarism

Apart from the examples given above, you know that your earnings management research paper is plagiarized if it falls under any of the following categories:

  • It has no citation within the text or at the
  • It has in-text citation but no citation at the bibliography
  • It uses unacceptable paraphrase
  • Overuse of quotation in the research paper
  • It has citation at the bibliography and no citation within the text
  • Replication of your own course work

Contributing minimally in a group assignment yet all group members will be awarded equal marks

It is imperative to acknowledge that some forms of plagiarism are intentional, and others are accidental. You must understand what plagiarism is and work towards presenting accounting research free of plagiarism. Whether you commit plagiarism intentionally or accidentally, you will be heavily penalized for presenting a plagiarized earnings management research paper.

Causes of plagiarism

In the course of your study life, you will find plenty of reasons for plagiarizing your earnings management research paper. However, you must discipline yourself to writing accounting research free of plagiarism such that even if you have tens of reasons to plagiarize, you will not pick any. As earlier mentioned, request for writing help at accountingessayshelp.com rather than earn yourself suspension, expulsion, and rejection of assignment or a jail term. The following are causes of plagiarism:

  • Lack of skill and experience in writing accounting research free of plagiarism
  • Difficulty in citing when they must follow specific formatting styles
  • Failure to understand the need for academic courtesy
  • Time limitation either because of loads of assignments or procrastination
  • Lack of awareness- students do not know the different forms of plagiarism

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Consequences of plagiarism

Failing to present an accounting research free of plagiarism has more consequences apart from the above mentioned. Such consequences include:

  • Stagnation if you become used to presenting plagiarized earnings management research papers, you deny yourself an opportunity for developing your research, critical thinking and analysis. The skills are necessary in school and out of school.
  • It ruins your academic reputation- probably you only plagiarized a paragraph of less than 100 words, but that only can earn you a merciless.
  • It ruins your professional reputation if, for instance, you are expelled from school for failing to present an accounting research free of plagiarism, your study life is cut-short. An attempt to enroll in a different institution will be difficult thereby affecting your life as a professional.

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