College Admission Essay Editing Service

As you have heard many times before at college admission workshops, what distinguishes you from the other applicants with similar scholastic and extra-curricular achievements is your personal essay. This essay serves almost as a “personal interview” between you and the admission officer, it reflects who you are and not only what you did. With that in mind, the essay should not be a narrative of your accomplishments; rather, a chance to display your uniqueness, character, personal qualities, inspirations, goals, dreams, and to simply express yourself.

Many colleges now accept the Common Application. Students can write personal statements on topics provided in the Common Application’s Personal Essay section. Some colleges require students to write additional essays according to their own supplements. Remember, whatever topic you choose, the focus is different from your SAT essay. You are not taking a position on a prompt nor trying to convince the reader of your view. However, you still have to be mindful of rules of grammar, organization, syntax, and word choice.

Yes, personal essays should definitely be the student’s own work. All admission officers have seen it all, and they can tell if someone wrote your essay on your behalf. However, that doesn’t mean that these essays should be sent to college admission offices without proper editing. Guidance offices advise students to have either a family member, teacher, or counselor to look over the essays and provide feedback.

Here at Essay-Practice, the personal essay editing service will involve the following steps:

  • Provide a guideline on how to write the personal essay
  • Review the first draft in full detail – highlighting mistakes, recommend better approaches
  • Interact through emails with students to clarify content
  • Students make corrections and resubmit the revised essay
  • Final fine tuning of the essay

In essence, you have your own reviewer coaching you along the way until the essay is a satisfactory presentation of yourself. More detailed information will be provided upon paid download.