How to Study for Exams?

An important part of the study that can be stressful as well is an exam. Unfortunately, exams are needed almost all the time, and you cannot do anything with that.

However, we will help you how to improve your skills and to make the best of the education. The tips that we offer will help you to do your best at school and get comfortable with the things you are learning.

Tip 1 Legwork

Do the legwork ahead a time! This will make studying for exams easier. Just taking a couple minutes before your class and reviewing or scamming the paragraph will help you too. Are you sure you are paying attention to the class, you are not on your phone? Sometimes it can be hard and boring but it is so much easier later on to remember what was told. Focus on teacher speaking and pay attention many times on the task, try to take notes. When it is time for your exam all these things will help you in the future.

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Tip 2 Comfort

You might need all the creature comforts because you will use any excuse to distract yourself by getting up and going somewhere to take something or to do something else. Firstly, make sure you have a big space. If you have a tiny desk and it is crammed, where you cannot separate the piles necessary for studying, it will annoy you. You will not be able to focus. Try to prepare a big open clear space to fill it with books, notebooks, flashcards, pencils. You should have all these things in front of you, again, not to be distracted. Moreover, you might need some water so prepare it beforehand. Studying does not have to be a terrible thing. It is a kind of fun and comfortable so you can easily enjoy the process. Make sure you have a healthy snack that will boost energy. Keep around things which are healthy and crunchy, for example, fruits, nuts, carrots. These things will wake you up and keep you focused.

Tip 3 Flashcards

There are several kinds of flashcards. You can use the smaller ones for terms. There are tons of terms, names, dates that you have to remember very quickly. Having a name and definition on the back is helpful indeed. Get big flashcards for concepts. For example, if you need to remember many scientists and a theory and other scientists that influence the theory, write the name of the scientist on one side and do bullet points on the back of the flashcard of everything that could have influenced them or the parts of their theories. Write small memory notes, you do not need to write log sentences, choose the most important facts.

Tip 4 Health

Make sure you are taking care of yourself while you are going through this stressful period of studying. Being in school and having to work and being very busy can be stressful. A lot of times we are putting ourselves last because we just do not think that taking care of ourselves is very important. Do not run yourself into the ground, you should not lose sleep and eat bad quality food. You will not be able to perform very well if you do not feel that your health is not the priority.

You are not going to send an athlete out onto a football field for a big game when he has not been sleeping or has not been taking care of himself. Similarly, when you are in school the more you need sleeping well, eating healthy food and drinking a lot of water and taking time when you relax, have fun sometimes. Chill out because even all those things that might seem luxury will help you because you will be rested and ready to go. You will perform at your highest level!

Tip 5 Confidence

Remember that you are smart and you studied well. You did tons of work, both in class and outside of class. Let it go and do your best on the exam. On your test day:

Eat breakfast

  • Leave early so you do not stress about being late because of traffic or parking.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes so you are warm and comfortable.

One of the best feelings, when you’re in school, is when you have been working so hard for the exam, and you take the exam and you do well on the exam and leave that test knowing that you did well. On that day you are going to be proud of yourself!